My story of being and chef and collecting knives for passion

I have always had an inclination towards cooking and that is why it was my dream to be a chef in a top class restaurant. From a very young age I started trying out various dishes at home with the help of my mother and to my astonishment the dishes came out pretty well. I love the ideas of using different utensils while cooking and I was especially fond of my sets of knives that helped me in chopping, cutting, shredding and mincing. I even bought one apron that had pockets to keep my knives set while I am working in the kitchen. This has led my fascination towards choosing and collecting top rated chef knives every time I come across something unique.


It is exciting for me…

Collecting different types of knives has become a passion that I have and now that I am working as professional chef in a five star hotel these knives do come into use when I am working in my kitchen. When I travel around the world, I still collect some of the top rated chef knives that are made form highest standard of stainless steel and gives me a good grip while cutting, chopping or dicing. Knives may seem to be a dangerous instrument to many but for me they are the most important tools for my work. Without these tools I am practically paralyzed at my workplace. Interesting, isn’t it? Yes, it is and that is why I feel my hobby and passion of collecting these knives are quite unique and exclusive.

Still collecting and counting…

Nowadays when I want to increase my collection I rather look up the internet for the latest collections. The biggest online shopping giants have some of the amazing collections of top rated chef knives at discounted prices too.

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