#Fitblog Chats on Twitter, one of the most active communities in social media, has launched a series of webinar and online educational presentations, targeting men and women of all ages who strive to fit health and fitness into their busy lives. These presentations — from webinars to panel discussions — serve to bring the conference experience to people at home!

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  1. Branding Basics: How to Become a Social Media Superstar (Katy Widrick, Jess Milcetich)
  2. Blogging 101: Break Into Health and Fitness Blogging (Monica Olivas)
  3. Blog Design Best Practices (Ryan Sullivan)
  4. SEO for Bloggers (Matt Frazier)
  5. 10 Tips for Killer Blog Posts (Katy Widrick)
  6. No Bullsh*t Social Media (Jason Falls, Erik Deckers) *no video/slides available
  7. Rising Above Negativity  (Heather Shugarman, Julie Fagan, Brittany Mullins, Courtney Horan)
  8. How to Make Money From Your Blog [Without Selling Out] (Katy Widrick)


Katy Widrick and Jess Milcetich

Branding Basics: How to Become a Social Media Superstar provides a to-do list of easy yet effective changes you can make immediately to build your brand increase your readership make yourself more accessible to media and better connect with your community. From mission statements and blogging resumés to social media monitoring and responding to crises you’ll have an arsenal of tools to become a better blogger.

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Monica Olivas

Want to start a blog? Registered a blog name but don’t know what to do next? Blogging 101: Breaking into Health and Fitness Blogging will guide you through starting a blog to the how to’s of posting and finding your niche in the health and fitness blogging community. From blogging platforms to photos and offline programs, you’ll see how to find your voice in this niche.

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Ryan Sullivan

This session, Blog Design Best Practices, will give you some guidelines and actionable tips you can use to make your readers want to click out of their feed readers and spend more time on your site just so they can enjoy the atmosphere. This is not a how-to session. It’s a session aimed at showing you ways to best engage your readers and make your awesome content shine even more, regardless of where you blog (WordPress Self-Hosted, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Geocities, etc.) So who’s the design guru who will help us all become better bloggers? Ryan from and You’ve seen his work on some of the most popular bloggers’ sites; now get his expertise for your own home!

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Matt Frazier

In this session, SEO for Bloggers, we’ll talk about some basic (ethical) search engine optimization practices you can implement right away to help search engines find you when potential readers search on the terms you wish to rank for. But once you start getting all that traffic the question becomes “What do you do with it?” We’ll answer this by covering some simple techniques to create products or find affiliate offers specifically to meet the needs of the solution-hungry people that search engines are sending to your site.

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Katy Widrick

Wonder what you can do to get more readers? Keep the readers who do come coming back? These 10 tips are simple easy ways to make sure that each post you publish hits the mark — and they’re things that you can use no matter what platform you use for blogging what niche you target and how much experience you have!

This presentation, 10 Tips for Killer Blog Posts, comes from Katy Widrick of and Katy has been blogging professionally and personally since 2007 and has made plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s her goal to pass on the lessons she’s learned and help bloggers of all sizes improve their work (and have more fun doing it!).

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Jason Falls, Erik Deckers

**currently, video and slides are unavailable — coming soon!

Two of the biggest names in social media are teaming up for a no-holds-barred approach to marketing, and they’re ready to share their thoughts with YOU!

In the upcoming “No Bullshit Social Media” book from Que Publishing (, Jason Falls (@JasonFalls) and Erik Deckers (@edeckers) argue that the vast majority of businesses — real businesses, not tech startups and computer companies — are still not only not using social media marketing well, but not using it at all. The gap between the it-getters and the mainstream consumers and business owners is vast. This book is for those who are still hesitant and think social media is playing on the Internet as opposed to a strategic communications channel that drives business.

This webinar, moderated by Katy Widrick (@kwidrick), is designed to answer *your* questions about social media marketing, help lead you to decisions on how to use social media to plan, activate and measure what you do and to give you new ideas to persuade consumers to do more than “like” or follow.

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Heather Shugarman, Julie Fagan, Brittany Mullins, Courtney Horan

Heather Shugarman (Then Heather Said), Julie Fagan (Peanut Butter Fingers), Brittany Mullins (Eating Bird Food) and Courtney Horan (Sweet Tooth Sweet Life) share the darker side of blogging: negative comments, mean-spirited emails, snarky tweets and media backlash. Even in a community filled with positive messages and supportive readers, a negative comment can deeply affect any blogger. This presentation shows how to handle these types of issues and ways to rise above the negativity.

Katy Widrick

Can you make money through blogging and social media, and if so — how much? And how can you do it without alienating readers or losing credibility? Katy Widrick shows you how to use traditional sources like advertising, sponsorships and affiliate sales and augment them using social media and some other surprising sources of income to make a living out of what you already love to do.

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