Just bought a humidifier for my baby!


I gave birth to my baby in a region with dry climate and after a few days I noticed she had some red patches on her cheeks. She was crying all the time from the irritation. Her pediatrician confirmed my fears. She had eczema. Apart from some ointments and baby oils prescribed, she also recommended that I get a cool mist humidifier as it would help by adding moisture to the already dry air and prevent loss of water and heat from my baby’s skin. This would help relieve my baby of her irritated dry skin. I set out to look for the best humidifier for babies and bought one. That was the best thing that I did.
The humidifier has more benefits. Whenever my baby has a congested nose, the mist from the humidifier helps to unstuff the congested mucous in her tiny nose and she ends up breathing comfortably. My baby has enjoyed having a soft skin and her eczema condition is now getting better. I also use the humidifier to regulate temperature levels for my baby’s room. It will neither be too warm nor too dry, and she sleeps well.

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When I went out to buy a humidifier for my baby, I ensured that I got one with low noise, one that will automatically shut off when the water is all used up, an adjustable one to maintain my desired humidity levels, easy to clean and carrying around. Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier met all the above requirements (Read also: Cool mist vs warm mist humidifier). It is a straight forward easy to use humidifier and the best part is it comes in different nice colours. It is also a pocket friendly as compared to other brands that I came across in the market.
It is a good thing to provide a humidifier for your baby, whether a newborn, a little older infant or a toddler. Having the air too dry is not good for anyone.