Got my own new burr coffee grinder!

Being addicted to coffee has driven me to make this decision: I will go buy my own new burr coffee grinder. Going to the city center every week just to grind some coffee is becoming exhausting.

I wore my beige jacket, my hat and pair of gloves and started walking to the train station. As I walked, I stared at the coffee shops that have the best burr coffee grinders just to have an idea about the brand names which I had no idea about.

I reached the train station, bought a ticket, hopped into the train. “It’s a two hour trip to the city center, I will search for some brands on the way.” And so I did. I took out my rose gold phone, and started searching, and I felt how ignorant I was!

The motors, the blades, the measures, the prices! Everything counts when you choose your best burr coffee grinder.


As I reached the electronics shop, and entered the burr coffee grinders isle, I gazed aimlessly at the number of grinders they had and the brands that I knew nothing about; KitchenAid®, Krups®, Cuisinart®, Capresso® and many more! I could almost smell the fresh scent of coffee coming out of them.

I asked the employees and started inquiring about the specs, pros and cons, and everything else related to coffee grinding. After a couple hours I became an expert. Now I had to choose the best burr coffee grinder for me!

After holding and spectating a good number of machines, I decided to choose a strong one yet with a reasonable price and good additions. In what I have learnt in this time, the most important tips are to pay attention to the grinder’s motor power, the noise it makes, does it grind other food like nuts, is it easy to clean and if it has additional storage bowls. (Read also: Coffee grinder tips you need to know)

I took the machine to the cashier, happy and almost flying, paid for it, and even let them wrap it as a gift.

I reached home, and I finally got the best burr coffee grinder for me! I made some freshly bought coffee, and enjoyed my mug at my patio watching the light rain starting to fall.