The dilemma of finding best cookware

My daughter, who is internet savvy, and more up to date with everything in the market, asked me the other day, mama, what are the best cookware sets. As a parent, you simply do not have the liberty to say, I don’t know, or you decide. Even though she has lived in this house with us for almost 20 years, I have been the one who has been doing the cooking. I do have a fascination for cookware, and she knows it. But how do I rank a cookware set as the best?


A lot of real time thinking went into this, and subsequently I did try to answer that question for myself. Here is my criteria for qualifying any cookware as best cookware.

1. Handle should be conveniently designed so as not to strain the wrists and the arm. I am old, and I do have problem in lifting some of my ancient vessels. So I guess, I decided this should be one of the qualifications.

2. The color, material, and shape matter to any woman. We don’t adjust like men, do we? Moreover, we take pride in displaying the best of our clothes, crockery, and cookware. It gives us an edge as if we are smarter than others in our shopping. I have three sets, and I know I match the display on wall we have with the summer and winter interiors.

3. The cookware should neither be too heavy, nor too light. If it is too heavy, it is going to be difficult to lift. Some day it will slip and fall. The end result is an ugly dent. If it is made from too light a material, it will still have those dents, but in addition, it may burn the seasoning. Between lighter and heavier cookware, I would turn to heavy variety. We are not going to drop the vessel every day. But seasoning can be burnt every single day. So thanks but no thanks to thinner gauge varieties.

4. Most of the handles come out. Once that happens, the pot is almost pushed aside. If we can ensure that the handles are riveted and soldered on to the cooking pan or pot, as the case may be, we have a good set of cookware before us.

5. Washing in dishwasher. Nowadays, we have that convenience. So why not have the right type of vessels?

I missed out on two points when I answered my daughter. But I guess, she can spend some time thinking too.

Source: Cook with tina