Get a special gift for mom

Contrary to what my mother believes, gifts for mom have always been hard to shop for. She thinks she’s easy to shop for. Are there certain things that she likes? Yes. I know I can always go and buy the latest books and she’ll be happy. I also know that if I don’t buy them, she’ll buy them for herself. This rather defeats the purpose of a gift, in my book. I think a gift should be something that you would not normally buy for yourself. It should be something that says that the giver knows what you like, thought about what you needed, felt compelled to get something perfect.


Last Christmas, I really wanted to get something special for my mom. There are the typical gifts that everyone buys. There are flowers, perfume, slippers or the various kitchen gadgets galore. All of these are nice and would probably be acceptable presents. However, they didn’t say, “I put time, love and attention in this gift for you.” Instead, they screamed, “I did what I always did because I know you like it and it was easy.” So, after weeks of thinking, it finally came to me.

My mother always asks for pictures of the family. In her eyes, I never give her enough pictures. Also, she has a hard time remembering certain events throughout the year. I decided to combine the two and make her a picture calendar. I bought a desktop blotter calendar from the local office supply store. You could print out a calendar here too, if you have nice paper.Then, I started going through pictures. First, I outlined the box on the day of all of the birthdays of her family and friends.

In each box, I put a picture of the person whose birthday it was. For my anniversary, I put a wedding picture of my husband and I. On each major holiday, I put a picture of various family members celebrating that holiday. I also added in small things, like a guitar on Fridays, because that is guitar lesson day. I put in the Cub Scout symbol on Mondays, because that’s when the Cub Scout meetings are. On Mother’s Day, I put a heart-shaped picture of her and I. The last thing I did was attach several blank decorative stickers to the calendar so that she could add things as they came up through the year.

This cheap and easy gift actually brought tears to her eyes. It probably tops the list of my gifts for mom.