My automatic espresso machine gives me authentic ristretto

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I grew up in a household that relishes coffee brewed in different ways. When I was young, we did not get to drink our favorite coffee brew as often simply because there were not enough coffee vending machines around back then. Therefore, going to movies meant that cup of espresso or latte before the show and so we were always ready an hour before the show. Drinking in coffee houses was expensive no doubt. But my father always indulged us. Had he been alive, he would have loved to have sipped the espresso my best espresso machine churns out everyday.

Stories about our espresso machines

We bought Saeco Phillips Intellia this January. Therefore, it may be a bit early for me to be give this automatic espresso machine review. But I do want to share what I found worthwhile in this espresso machine. For starters it has a coffee grinder in it, which means you can use coffee beans for brewing the coffee as desired. But it is also possible to bypass this grinding function, which is just as well, because I could opt for ground coffee powders from market. This can be great if you enjoy different flavors and do not maintain enough beans of all those coffees. There is an auto adjust feature also which allows such changes. I can select the quantities, and also the strength of coffee. We can also vary the height of the cup under this, because of height adjustment possible with adjustable spout. This espresso machine has ceramic grinder. Overall, it is not too heavy. It also self cleans, which is not a feature anybody should overlook, because cleaning espresso machines is not an easy job.

My daughter bought DeLonghi ESAM Magnifica on the same day as we bought our espresso machine. It gives her great cappuccino and espresso. She just loves the crema layer, so this espresso machine was almost custom made for her. Like my espresso machine, she can grind coffee beans or bypass that function. She also has an option to adjust the size of grinding. The bean container in this automatic espresso machine is also removable. I have tasted coffee from her machine, and I can vouch that she gets perfectly smooth espressos from it.