Air Bed for My Daughter

My older daughter is carrying. She will be arriving here the next month. We did not plan to have children back in our home. In any event, we never had spare double beds. I know my son-in-law will be around more often than in the last three years. But I am also left to wonder how I am to accommodate them. My husband suggested that we buy the best air bed for everyday use. For now, air bed does sound as a good idea, though I would rather my daughter look for her comfort.

My husband thinks that is no problem because if my daughter cannot use that air bed, we could use it, and let the younger couple use our bed. Use our bed? Was he kidding? But to be fair, he was being practical. Our home is small, and we do not have spare bedrooms. When kids were around, one bedroom was for us, one for my daughters, and the other one was for my sons. My sons slept in living room if we had guests. Ever since the nest has become empty, I have stuffed everything in the boys bedroom, and started using the girls bedroom as my hobby room. Now, I will have to vacate this hobby room of course, because as my husband suggested, I might have to use the air bed here.

I do have problems with my back, so I mentioned it to my husband that air beds usually do not have the required height. His solution to the problem is getting a wooden bed built that can hold the air bed in place. Really? But won’t that become a permanent fixture?

He asked me if my daughter is not going to get pregnant again? I can’t argue about it. Even my younger daughter could get pregnant. I should thank god that both of them are not pregnant simultaneously. I would have to empty the boy’s room for that.

The air bed we are thinking of is about 19 inches in height. We also cannot opt for wider bed, because we do need to accommodate the large desert cooler in here. My computer will also remain in this room. The large king size air bed that is available may be what we will settle for. My husband has measured the room and he says we can afford to cross 58 inches in width. I feel even that is a lot, because I would need to change bed sheets, and moving in the room would be difficult with that much width. The good news is, air beds are not heavy so my fingers will not feel trapped under the mattress when I am making the bed. As to length, we are not tall so it would pretty much depend upon the width of the king size bed that we can find.