It takes a community to build and maintain the #FitBlog chats, so kudos are extended to:

Ryan Sullivan, Revive My Blog

  • Ryan is the guru behind the gorgeous design, and more than that — he’s a charter member of the #FitBlog chats. You can follow him at @nomorebacon and @revivemyblog.

Terry McKyton, Hashtag Social Media

  • Terry and the Hashtag Social Media team built the platform that supports the Live and Archive pages for Hooray! The platform was customized on a template that was built for the weekly #socialmedia chat.


  • Web hosters to the world! Eleven2 provides hosting services for (and several employees are regular #FitBlog participants!) Follow @Eleven2 on Twitter for advice, deals and Web hosting information.

Roni Noone, Fitbloggin’ Founder

  • Without Roni, there would be no Fitbloggin’ — and therefore, no #FitBlog chats! Follow @RoniNoone and @fitbloggin for leadership and the latest information about Fitbloggin’ conferences!