PLANKS Challenge

PLANKS Challenge (May 16-June 26, 2011)


  • May 16-June 26, 2011; a 6-week challenge open to anyone and everyone
  • A gradual, goal-based program helping participants take on the “plank” position and increase both length of time and number of times in plank per week
  • Participants will set their own goals and design their own programs
  • Guided blog topic starters (optional)

Stay Connected:

The June 28th #fitblog chat (at 9pm ET) will wrap up our challenge and chat about fitness in groups, etc.

Want to take part?

  • Announce that you are IN for the challenge – write a blog post and share it, announce it on twitter or Facebook
  • Make your plan – test your starting point, then develop a goal that you want to get to in six weeks, then fill in what you’ll need to do each week to get there
  • Each week, look for progress updates and blog topic starters on the Life After Bagels blog and in the #Fitblog newsletter (signup on the homepage)

If you are taking part, feel free to use the graphics below — designed by #Fitblog participant @LeavingFatville!