Ideas and Inspiration

#FitBlog is about three "C"s: Community, Contribution, Connection. When you join one of our weekly chats or look through the archives, you'll be inspired and come away with ideas for health, fitness, blogging and much more.

When is #FitBlog Chat?

The live #FitBlog chat happens every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. But you're welcome to use the hashtag 24/7 to share links, ask questions, find support or just hang out with friends!

How Does It Work?

#FitBlog uses the Twitter service and a number of other tools provided by Hashtag Social Media. It uses Twitter's OAuth (Open Authorization) to let participants seamlessly and safely log in using their existing accounts. Once signed in, participants will only see tweets that include the #FitBlog hashtag.

What’s The Point?

Whether you're into health and fitness or you're just looking for some inspiration to change the way you look at life, #FitBlog is an upbeat and welcoming place to be! The live chats are led by rotating moderators with topics that change each week. You're guaranteed to make new friends and get fitter -- on Twitter!